GLA Giulia

For those of you in the know, the GLA was GL-Racing's first and arguably most successful product. It was well received by the market and is one of the most popular 1/27 mini RC with AWD capability to this day.
It has always been GL Racing’s goal to continuously improve their product and that is exactly what they have done with their latest iteration, the GLA Giulia. Some of the new features include:
  1. Designed for using Lexan body for racing purpose (with Lexan body mount included)
  2. 102mm wheelbase for more stable handling
  3. Dual steering arms system to create a more balanced steering angle
  4. Dust proof gear box helps to eliminate the dust issue in affecting smoothness of ball differential
  5. 64 pitch pinion and spur gears to improve smoothness
  6. All gears are made from more durable material
  7. There is a new version Titanium Servo available which is more durable and provides a more precise handling experience
  8. Dual steering arms system can be upgraded to aluminum and have servo saver capability (option)
  9. Lexan body rear floating mount enables the body do not roll together with the chassis (option)
  10. Front and rear anti roll bars to reduce traction roll (option)

Check out the full range of kits and parts here.

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