Dominate Rubber Tyre Cleaner (100mL)
Dominate Rubber Tyre Cleaner (100mL)

Dominate Rubber Tyre Cleaner (100mL)

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Traditionally chemicals such as brake cleaner and nasty petroleum based solutions have been used to clean and additive tyres. This is harmful to the environment and most importantly to the human body. Throughout our 15+ years of racing, we have seen more health issues from the use of these dangerous chemicals than we care to admit. These health issues can be caused by inhalation of the chemicals, or physical skin exposure which is then absorbed into the blood stream.

This was our motivation to develop a range of tyre cleaners and additives that are safe to use, not harming your body, or the environment. The first of which... Dominate!

We are quite aware that most racers won't sacrifice lap-times for the sake of their health, and that's why we have conducted extensive testing to ensure that Dominate out performs every other cleaner on the market! Not only is it safe to use, it's also fast!

Our Dominate Tyre Cleaner has been developed by a dedicated local Australian Racer over the past 12+ months. Developed with the aid of several top drivers and certified chemists, we were able to discover an environmentally friendly non-toxic way of softening and conditioning rubber without drying it out, like you've never seen before! Opening up the pores of the rubber is crucial to the absorption of the tyre additive and thus its effectiveness of creating more traction and reducing "drop off" over a run.

Dominate is supplied in a pump spray bottle for easy application on both onroad and offroad rubber tyres. Simply spray onto a rag or towel and firmly wipe the tyre with the cleaner. Allow to sit for at least 1 minute until sticky, before applying the tyre additive. Dominate's cleaning capability can be even further increased when tyres are cleaned at higher RPM on a tyre sander.

Dominate can be used with both new and old tyres, and provides a brilliant base for maximum absorption end effectiveness of the tyre additive.

Try some today - Help your body, the environment and your lap-times!


  • Environmentally Friendly - Biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Much safer for daily use on the body
  • Fresh eucalyptus "green" odour
  • Softens and restores rubber tyres, without drying them out
  • Extremely effective on Rubber tyres in Onroad & Drag, as well as Offroad
  • Improves absorption of additives and compounds added to the tyre after cleaning
  • Comes in a blacked out 100mL spray bottle with cap
  • MSDS Available

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