KWR TLR 22X-4 Offroad Fan Tunnel - 40mm

KWR TLR 22X-4 Offroad Fan Tunnel - 40mm

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The KWR 4WD Offroad Fan Tunnel is custom designed for the TLR 22X-4 offroad buggy.

Working with most commonly available 40mm fans (not supplied), the Fan Tunnel mounts directly to the cars motor mount and can be spaced out using shims (not supplied) to match the individual racers preference.

Unlike typical fan shrouds which almost form a seal between the fan and the motor which reduces fan RPM and force due to back pressure, the Fan Tunnel directs the air where it is needed allowing the fan to spool up to maximum RPM.

Tested extensively by our team drivers, there is noticeably more airflow into and over the motor, generating a far greater cooling effect.

The Fan Tunnel is 3D printed in high quality ABS plastic which makes it incredibly strong and temperature resistant.

We recommend using in conjunction with an RC Maker 40mm Super High Speed Fan for optimal cooling.


Product details:

  • 1 x KWR 4WD Offroad Fan Tunnel - 40mm 

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