Solaris 40J Pre Glued High Performance Tyre Set (White Dish)

Solaris 40J Pre Glued High Performance Tyre Set (White Dish)

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Note that if you are running an X-Ray T4, Yokomo, Express or car with a traditional arm design (as opposed to an Awesomatix, Mugen, X-Ray X4), you may experience rubbing on the inside of the rim if using narrow hexes. This can be corrected by removing some material from the arm or hub where the rubbing is occurring. Alternatively use the spokes rim which has additional clearance.

1/10 high-performance touring car slick tire set (4 pieces) from Solaris Racing.

Features include:

  • Shore ratings of 28, 32, 36, and 40.
  • Available in white dish and spoked wheels.
  • Available in black spoke wheels.
  • Insert (J) for maximum grip.
  • Pre-glued.
  • High quality rubber made in Japan.
  • Weight = 29.2g per wheel/tyre for spoke and 31.7g per wheel/tyre for dish.


Our testing has found that not only is the tyre performance exceptional, but the wheel design is arguably the best on the market, resulting in exceptional longevity and no sidewall splitting. You will not need to glue these tyres (unless you have a major accident) and the rubber can be returned to almost new condition with a sand.

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