GLA Pro Pack
GLA Pro Pack

GLA Pro Pack

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For those racers that want to add all the possible performance options to their GLA kit, the "Pro Pack" is what you need. Added to the KWR Engineering "Starter Pack", all you need is a receiver, transponder, battery, and tyres. 

The "Pro Pack" includes the following 10 items:

  • Alloy rear toe block (3 degrees) - GLA-002-30
  • Alloy steering crank - GLA-006
  • Alloy rear hubs - GLA-009
  • Alloy steering post - GLA-010
  • Carbon braces for the front and rear body posts - GLA-035-OP2
  • Alloy front shock tower - GLA-037-F
  • Alloy rear shock tower - GLA-037-R
  • Screw adjustable shocks - GLA-8001
  • Upgraded battery mount - GLA-V2_038
  • Brass narrow chassis 98mm - GLA-V2_046

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